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Stillpoints Aperture

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Stillpoints Aperture

This aperture is an absorber, a diffuser, a resonator and gives high performance room treatment.

Combining several technologies in a attractive format.

The Stillpoints Aperture panel improves resolution, soundstaging, focus, and timing in a smaller package than traditional alternatives.

The size advantage enables greater positioning flexibility for better results without ruining your domestic environment.

The standard combinations are as follows but email us on for custom prints and design prices

Black Walnut Frame with Black screen.

Cherry Frame with Cream screen.

Light Oak Frame with Cream Screen.


The Stillpoints Aperture is a patent-pending design blending three essential elements of sound contouring; an absorber, a diffusor, and a resonator, all in one product.

DIMENSIONS: 22" high x 22" wide x 3 1/8" deep 

WEIGHT (depending on woods): 14lbs to 16lbs each

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