Spendor SP200 Loudspeaker

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    The Spendor SP200 loudspeaker is our all‐new top‐of‐line Spendor Classic. It is a 3‐way system featuring two large 30cm (12 inch) Spendor woofers in an original Spendor 70’s style floor‐standing enclosure. The Spendor SP200 delivers music with captivating clarity and real dynamics. It can fill the largest listening rooms with deep natural sound. For Spendor SP100 fans the SP200 an easy plug‐and play upgrade.

    For extended low frequency response, high power handling and minimal room interaction, the SP200 has a sealed (non‐ported) enclosure with two specially engineered Spendor 30cm woofers. The lightweight plastic woofer cones use the same catenary profile and bextrene material as our legendary ‘big’ Spendor BC3 Broadcast reference monitor. Forty years on this cone still performs so well we found no reason to change it except for the addition of an ultra‐rigid Kevlar composite stabiliser dome bonded to the centre of the bextrene cone. Our combination of a sealed enclosure and optimised woofers brings significant benefits at low frequencies. Extremely low group delay distortion preserves original ‘as recorded’ musical timing which is critical for a totally immersive and believable listening experience. As there is no resonant port output, room positioning is far less critical than with a conventional ported loudspeaker. You will be surprised how much this benefits vinyl replay, and it also allows the SP200 to deliver great sound in a small room.

    The SP200 has a new Spendor 18cm mid‐range unit with EP77 polymer cone, cast magnesium alloy chassis, high efficiency motor system, optimised electro‐dynamic damping, and excellent thermal dissipation. It delivers sound with new levels of transparency and dynamic contrast. High frequencies are handled by a 22mm wide‐surround polyamide dome tweeter. In combination they ensure sound with outstanding coherence and definition over a wide deep listening area.

    For the SP200 our Classic cabinet engineering has been refined to a new level of sophistication. The cabinet is constructed with thin lightly braced panels attached to a rigid front baffle. Critically dimensioned visco‐elastic damping pads are bonded to each panel. At mid and high frequencies the cabinet produces virtually no audible movement, while at low frequencies the side panel are allowed to flex slightly in harmony with the output from the woofers. This subtle synchronised movement adds a captivating warmth and charm to any music, which many listeners find irresistible. The mechanically damped plinth has four levelling feet attached via forged steel inserts to hold the cabinet rock steady. The elimination of micro‐vibration allows fine musical detail to be reproduced with delicate precision.

    A meticulously refined crossover network with precision wound inductors and high‐linearity plastic film capacitors integrates the drivers seamlessly in a minimum phase alignment. Excellent efficiency (89dB) and an easy to drive load ensure complete compatibility with all good amplifiers, from powerful solid state to the most esoteric tube designs.

    Every critical component and every complete Spendor loudspeaker is calibrated to stringent broadcast reference standards. The SP200 is 100% UK designed and manufactured by Spendor.

    - Description: 3 way floor standing loudspeaker
    - Enclosure type: Thin walled, damped, braced, sealed
    - Input connection: Three pairs gold plated precision binding posts
    - Links: allow for single, bi or tri‐wiring
    - Typical in‐room response: 20Hz ‐ 25kHz
    - Power handling: 300 watts unclipped programme
    - Sensitivity: 89dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
    - Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (min 6.2)
    - HF driver: 22mm polyamide dome
    - Bass/mid driver: Spendor 18cm EP77 polymer cone
    - Lower bass driver: x2 Spendor 30cm bextrene cone with Kevlar© composite stabiliser
    - Crossover frequencies: 550Hz, 3.8kHz
    - Net Weight: 55kg
    - Height: 1085mm (excluding feet)
    - Width: 370mm
    - Depth: 515mm (excluding terminals)
    - Accessories: Height adjustable spike feet, grille

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