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Spendor A1W

Spendor A1W


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Spendor A1W

The Spendor A1W Surround Loudspeaker is a Spendor A1 with a wall bracket attached to the loudspeaker. 

'Our new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers prove you don’t need a big space, or budget, to enjoy dynamic, open and exhilarating sound. If you’re someone who truly loves music, whichever model you chose, they will add a whole new dimension to your listening pleasure.'

Available in Black Ash, Walnut, Satin white & Natural Oak

They are slim, compact and you can place them easily and unobtrusively into your living space and they will fill the room with a clear captivating sound. And thanks to innovative Spendor technology the A-Line loudspeakers will get the very best from whatever equipment you have.

The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers deliver class leading performance. They are the most adaptable and affordable loudspeakers we have ever created.