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Sonos Move 2

Sonos Move 2


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Sonos Move 2

Powerful, stereo sound
With its brand new acoustic architecture, the Sonos Move 2 now uses two tweeters, for stereo sound. As well as being more immersive, the sound is crisper and more detailed, making it ideal for cutting through outdoor background noise. At the other end of the scale, the precision-tuned woofer and advanced digital signal processing produce a deep, dynamic bass that equally makes its presence felt.

The Trueplay revolution – perfect sound, everywhere
Helping you to get the best sound, wherever you are, the Move 2 features revolutionary Trueplay technology. Trueplay scans the surroundings, analyses the results and then fine-tunes the speaker for the ideal listening experience. Whether you’re indoors or out, the Move 2 adapts to give the most natural and optimised sound possible.

Play all day – now with 24 hour battery life
Now rated at over twice the original’s battery life, the Move 2 can play for up to 24 hours on a single charge. Once the juice has run out, simply place on the updated Wireless Charging Base. If you’re out-and-about, you can also charge with any compatible USB-C charger.

Built for the great outdoors
Crafted from shock-absorbing materials, the Move 2 easily handles life on the go. Rated at IP56 standard, this tough speaker simply shrugs off spills, splashes, rain and dirt, making it perfect for the poolside or party.

Sonos versatility
With its award-winning app and wide product range, Sonos is already one of the best in the business for multiroom audio. The Move 2 enhances this with its easy portability. Pick it up and take it with you to listen to a podcast in the kitchen, relaxing music by the bath or some upbeat tunes on the patio.

Control any way you want
Sonos Move 2 seamlessly syncs voice, app, and touch commands, enabling you to manage music with a single word, tap of the app, or swipe on the speaker touch panel. Combine voice control with the Sonos app to manage all your music in one place.

Voice control over wi-fi
When you’ve got the Move 2 connected via wi-fi, it also doubles as a voice-controlled speaker. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, you can play music, check news, set alarms and get your questions answered, all by simple voice command.

Apple AirPlay 2 for seamless streaming from your Apple device
With AirPlay 2, stream directly from your Apple devices or ask Siri to play your favourites from Apple Music throughout your home. (Requires wi-fi for AirPlay operation).

Enjoy all that’s best about Sonos, wherever you venture, with the Sonos Move 2.