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Sonos ERA 300

Sonos ERA 300


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Sonos Era 300

A new dimension in Sonos sound
With just one Sonos speaker, you can now enjoy fully immersive sound. The Sonos Era 300 uses six, optimally positioned speakers, each with a dedicated amp, for wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling sound. Compatible with Dolby Atmos Music, sound envelopes you for a live music feel.

Pair with Sonos Arc or Beam for Dolby Atmos cinema surround sound
Immersive music is just the beginning of the Sonos Era 300’s talents. Pair two speakers with a Sonos Arc or Beam and enjoy surround sound that’s supercharged by Dolby Atmos. Now, it’s not just the soundbar that’s delivering three-dimensional Atmos sound, but the rear speakers, too. The result is truly cinematic sound that makes special effects sound totally convincing.

All your music – in one place
The Sonos app is one of the most popular and well loved out there. Bringing together your favourite music streaming services, via one easy to use app, makes Sonos ownership a pleasure. Compatible with Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and the exclusive Sonos Radio, the Era 300 delivers near limitless streaming music.

Bluetooth - connectivity for all
Bluetooth music connectivity adds extra versatility to the Sonos Era 300. Ideal for when friends and family visit and you want quick and easy music sharing connectivity, Bluetooth is also handy for when your wi-fi may be down, or for when you want to take your music to a spot with no wi-fi coverage.

Apple AirPlay 2 for seamless streaming from your Apple device
Featuring AirPlay 2, you can stream directly from your Apple devices or ask Siri to play your favourites from Apple Music throughout your home.

Input your other music source
Purchase a Sonos Line-In Adapter (available separately) and connect your music source to the Era 300 via the USB-C interface. Ideal for plugging in a CD player, TV or pre-amp equipped turntable*, this connection makes the speaker a whole lot more versatile, with CDs, vinyl and TV sounding more spacious than ever.

*turntable may require a separate phono pre-amp.

Sound that’s tuned to perfection – Trueplay
For the best possible sound, in any environment, simply tap up Trueplay. Located within the Sonos app, Trueplay scans the surroundings, analyses the results and then fine-tunes the speaker for the ideal listening experience.

Touch for control
As we’ve not always got our smartphone to hand (when taking a phone call for example), the Era 300 offers intuitive touch control. Simply tap or swipe the top panel controls and play/pause the music, adjust the volume or group speakers.

Just a part of the Sonos experience
Sonos has swiftly becoming a market-leading brand in wireless multiroom music. By starting with or adding an Era 300, you can build up a fully interconnected system that takes in all the rooms in your home, your home cinema system and even portable/outdoor music. What’s more, the award-winning Sonos app makes it dead easy to control and effortlessly lets you stream the music you like in the rooms you want.

Immerse yourself in wireless music, with the Sonos Era 300.