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SignatureX Tuned ARAY Analogue DIN

SignatureX Tuned ARAY Analogue DIN


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SignatureX Tuned ARAY Analogue DIN

Chord Company SignatureX Tuned ARAY is hand built in the UK and has been part of the range since 1998. Performance is consistently high, thanks to the constantly evolving design, always taking advantage of the latest technological improvements to keep it at the cutting edge. Previous upgrades have included enhanced shielding, various ARAY conductor configurations and ChorAlloy™ plated connectors.

Thanks to advances in insulation materials the latest incarnation has been transformed by XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene), an insulator already delivering outstanding results and widespread critical acclaim for SignatureXL speaker and SignatureX power cables.

Chord Company SignatureX DIN cables are available in multiple configurations to suit Naim/Quad and other DIN-fitted equipment from all eras as well as custom options allowing users to pair early models with the very latest products.  Connections include 4pin, 5pin, 8pin DIN-DIN in all the many variants as well as RCA-DIN, DIN-RCA, DIN-XLR, XLR-DIN and 240 degree SNAIC configurations.

Fitted with Chord Company ChorAlloy™ plated connector pins.