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    Serhan Swift Mu2 MK2

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    Serhan Swift Mu2 MK2

    The Serhan Swift Mu2 MK2 speakers are a high-end audio product designed for audiophiles who demand the highest level of sound quality. These speakers feature a sleek and stylish design, with a glossy black finish and silver accents that give them a modern and sophisticated look. The Mu2 MK2s are crafted from high-quality materials, including solid aluminum drivers, and are built to last for many years of enjoyment.

    One of the most impressive features of the Serhan Swift Mu2 MK2 speakers is their sound quality. They deliver a powerful and immersive sound experience, with clear, detailed highs and deep, rich bass. The speakers are also incredibly versatile, able to handle a wide range of music genres with ease. They have a frequency response range of 40Hz to 22kHz and a sensitivity of 86dB, making them suitable for use in large rooms and home theaters. Overall, the Serhan Swift Mu2 MK2 speakers are an excellent choice for audiophiles who demand the very best in sound quality and design.

    Design brief. 

    • Sonically disappear with no cabinet signature (cabinet should not contribute to acoustic output)
    • Be accurate and believable - communicate every nuance of the performers' intent to the listener
    • Be involved, induce foot tapping by correct timing
    • Allow the listener to hear deep into a recording layer by layer, without artificially highlighting any individual aspects
    • Bass that is articulate and "fast", allowing complex passages to be followed, rather than artificially boosted to the point that it is boomy and "bloated", causing the notes to "blur" together

     Must not hype treble searching for false detail

    • Total lack of listener fatigue
    • “You gotta wanna .."
    • A sense of scale, size, and space ("imaging" and "soundstage") is representative of the musical performance and that belies the speaker's size
    • Off-axis "power response" and room interaction, from near field to far (reverberant) field have all been

    carefully considered for ease of placement ("room friendly") and a less critical listener position ("sounds good everywhere")

    • Easy to drive - good efficiency, generous power handling, and a benign impedance curve (which determines

    the electrical demands placed on the amplifier) for compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers - solid-state, tube, high or low power

    Serhan Swift core values 

    • A systematic  approach to design – perfect synergy
    • Reliability – Consistency – Longevity
    • Value "the price is not the cost (of ownership)" – Secure investment
    • Anti-obsolescence – Invisible technology – ease of use and installation
    • The subtle, understated appearance


    - What's in a name?

    The Greek letter mu (which looks like a "u", but pronounced "mew") is used in science and engineering to mean "micro" or one millionth. Here it signifies a speaker that is deceptively small in size, considering its big sound and performance.

    But it has come to mean more - an approach to design that considers every detail, even the microscopic. We pay particular attention to how energy is dissipated, and keeping vibration to an absolute minimum, as not only do these result in

    extraneous sound output, but the effect on the various components, including those in the crossover network, causes distortion. Our discoveries are applied to cabinet materials and construction, and the use of mechanical isolators for mounting drivers and crossover components.

    We have come to refer to this discipline as "micro-vibration engineering" or "muve" (pronounced "move" - dare we say "sound that moves you"?)



    With its smart new high-quality matt black finish or matt white finishes, the mu2 Mk II is much more than just a facelift, it's a totally new loudspeaker.

    All elements - cabinet, woofer, tweeter, crossover - have been carefully re-examined and significantly improved, even where many thought no further improvement was possible.

    Lessons learned from the original mu2 Special Edition (as well as our ongoing research into the effects of vibration on all components) - have been expanded upon, and now been applied to the mu2 Mk II. Constrained layer damping material has been custom manufactured for the mu2 by Les Davis Audio.


    The highest quality components are carefully selected. 

    While the woofer and tweeter may look the same as the previous model, both have been improved with an even flatter response, smoother roll-off, and lower distortion. Enhancements to the crossover take full advantage of the above.


    The new multi-layer cabinet construction now employs additional layers of differing materials, carefully chosen for

    composition and thickness, for even further reduction in cabinet noise (vibration), energy storage, and coloration. Bracing has been further strengthened

    With 1000’s more hours of listening tests and measurements, the cross-over region and on-axis to off-axis transition are even more seamless and even more difficult to detect (always outstanding features of the original design).

    The new multi-layer cabinet construction now employs additional layers of differing materials, carefully chosen for

    composition and thickness, for even further reduction in cabinet noise (vibration), energy storage, and coloration. Bracing has been further strengthened

     The mu2 Mk II takes detail and resolution to yet another level, as well as making the spatial presentation even more realistic. Soundstage and imaging are readily apparent, appropriate and precise in scale, and rock-solid - they don't appear to change or move.

    Additionally, the speaker truly disappears, with listeners in our reference room unable to tell which speakers are playing.

     Of course, the other attributes for which the mu2 is renowned (see Design Brief) have all been retained.

    Summary - "5 days to conceive - 5 years to perfect"

    With 5 years of R&D and component testing, Serhan Swift found the optimum drivers to be a bass-midrange woofer and ring-radiator tweeter belonging to the premium Revelator series manufactured by renowned Scan-speak of Denmark.

    These drivers are also found in much more expensive speakers from high-end companies such as Wilson Audio, Sonus Faber, and others—some costing well over $50K. Their use in a speaker at this price point is unheard of - pun Intended!

    After extensive experimentation with low and high-order crossover configurations, a high-order crossover was ultimately chosen allowing for steeper slopes, to keep the drive units in their respective “power bands” and minimise out-of-band distortion. Whilst this increases component cost dramatically the audible benefits are very obvious.

    Bass and treble crossovers are kept separate and hand-wired, point to point, then silver soldered on 5mm thick high-density substrates. Micro-vibration control is also applied here. These measures reduce unwanted noise and distortion even further.


    The Cardas brand terminals are high purity copper with rhodium plating. Expensive, but audibly superior, reliable, and long-lasting. (Nothing has been overlooked. Attention to detail means you hear every detail).

    Serhan Swift considers its products a long-term investment. Each pair of mu2 MKII’s take 3 days from start to finish under the watchful eyes of Chief Loudspeaker Designer Brad Serhan and Engineering Director Morris Swift.



    Drive units

    • ScanSpeak 1” Revelator Ring Radiator Tweeter
    • Scanspeak 5” Revelator Bass/Mid


    • Low noise floor multi-layer construction
    • The constrained layer at the source
    • Asymmetric bracing
    • Artisan multi-layer paint finish
    • Terminals - Cardas Rhodium


    • Typical in room response: 45Hz - 30kHz
    • Sensitivity: 84dB/1m/2.83 volts
    • Power handling (typical music program): 100 watts
    • Nominal Impedance: ~6 ohms
    • Dimensions: Height 32.2cm, Width 18cm, Depth 6cm
    • Weight (per speaker): 7.8kg
    • Cross-over: high order separate element featuring Solen premium quality air-core inductors, polypropylene capacitors and non-inductive resistors