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REL Classic 99

REL Classic 99


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REL Classic 99

A potent symphony of design, power, and grace. Building on the foundation laid by Classic 98, this model amplifies every attribute: more power, deeper bass, and a design that captures both the eye and the ear. With 450 watts driving a robust 12” paper-on-paper driver, Classic 99 not only plays louder and reaches deeper, but also adds layers of subtle textural enhancements that continuously impress.

Classic 99 extends our Classic Line to loftier heights. Richer, bolder, and more powerful? Certainly. Yet 99 is also capable of far greater nuance, air, and resolution than its lesser brethren. For those with more capable systems and larger rooms, Classic 99 delivers advances on every front, while still maintaining the same easy-going, room-filling nature all Classic offerings possess. The high-grade genuine dark walnut veneer complements a variety of decors. Classic 99 delivers this in the same simple, comforting form of Mid-Century Modern design. Perfect for those who welcomed the original, yet were waiting for the next chapter to be written, those who crave even higher performance and the ability to fill larger, grander spaces with a broad carpet of deep bass. You’ll still want to put on a record, pour a favorite drink, sink into your favorite chair, and relax into the music or movie of your choice. Classic 99, for those who waited for more.