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REL 212/SX

REL 212/SX


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REL 212/SX

The latest in the long line of S-Series Subwoofers designed and manufactured by REL Acoustic.

The 212/SW has been developed to encompass all the stunning features of the 212/SE and build upon these plus added depth, realism, and control, this new subwoofer has been designed with high-end performance in mind.


In redefining the 212 platform, REL sought to make it better in every way by eliminating minor weaknesses and improving on its considerable strengths. Our engineering and design team have developed a number of products that in one small way or another eclipsed some aspect of the original’s performance.

The 212/SX is faster, better controlled, and quieter – meaning it resolves much finer details – than the original. In doing so, it renders the SX more explosive and dynamic because the greater quietness, itself the result of using carbon fibre blades on the rear of each driver to stiffen and quiet, stretched the dynamic envelope noticeably.

REL also implemented the PerfectFilter of the latest series to extend and flatten the extremely low bass. As well, it optimizes the ay the extreme upper bass transitions into air and holographic detail in the speaker’s soundstage.

Finally, REL sought to crispen the design, making it slimmer, deeper and taller which resulted in finder control of the within the cabinet. The end result is a product better in every way from its remarkable predecessor, better looking, better performing in ways unique to REL, while better resolving dynamic shadings. Simply speaking, the 212/SX has stretched the performance and design envelope of the 212 range to take advantage of the latest technologies and craftsmanship. Finer, more beautiful and better sounding confirms a trait REL has always been associated with.