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    Rega Planar 10

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    Rega Planar 10

    Introducing the Rega Planar 10, a precision-engineered turntable designed to deliver the ultimate listening experience. Built with meticulous attention to detail, the Planar 10 features an ultra-lightweight skeletal plinth that is both rigid and vibration-resistant, providing a solid foundation for the turntable's moving parts.

    The turntable also includes a custom-designed RB3000 tonearm, which delivers unrivaled tracking accuracy and sonic clarity, and a dual-layer, crystal glass platter that reduces unwanted resonance and distortion. Additionally, the Planar 10's power supply features a new, advanced electronic circuit that ensures a stable and accurate speed, even under the most demanding conditions.

    With the included Apheta 3 moving coil cartridge, the Planar 10 delivers breathtaking detail, transparency, and musicality, making it the perfect choice for audiophiles who demand the very best in analog sound reproduction. Experience the ultimate in turntable performance with the Rega Planar 10.

    *New matt white finish available from April 2023 - The white Planar 10  is supplied as standard with a clear dustcover and black mat.