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Quadraspire X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack

Quadraspire X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack


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Quadraspire X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack

The Quadraspire X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack stands as an indispensable asset for serious audiophiles. Its cutting-edge design and utilisation of premium materials make it the ultimate choice for elevating HiFi system performance. Crafted in the UK, the product's quality is assured, reflecting the brand's commitment to superior materials and innovative designs.

Notably, Quadraspire furniture excels in minimising resonance, a pivotal element for achieving pristine HiFi sound. These performance HiFi racks can effectively reduce the noise floor and expand the soundstage, ensuring a truly immersive listening experience. The incorporation of bronze spikes in the feet underscores the brand's dedication to delivering exceptional audio quality. Bronze and brass are renowned for their resonance-reducing properties, further enhancing the rack's performance.

Moreover, the X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack's design skillfully avoids parallel lines, which can induce resonance and distort sound, setting Quadraspire apart. The shelves, constructed from solid bamboo and coated in Nextel, renowned for its vibration-dampening capabilities, produce a striking appearance. This meticulous design minimises distortion and interference, ensuring optimal audio quality. The use of solid aluminum columns and feet further diminishes resonance, resulting in a cleaner, more accurate sound.

Available in various heights and finishes, the X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack offers a customisable solution to cater to specific preferences. Its sleek, modern design, complemented by the unique allure of bamboo, adds a striking touch to any space. Notably, the X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack strikes a balance between being lightweight and robust, with the X shelf weighing just 2.2kg while supporting over 80kg.

In summary, the Quadraspire X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack is a top-tier product that seamlessly blends innovative design, premium materials, and British craftsmanship. For audiophiles seeking the ultimate sound experience, investing in this rack is a clear choice. With its capacity to enhance HiFi system performance, the X-Reference Signature Hi-Fi Rack is an indispensable addition to any professional setup.



  • Bronze Spikes
  • Nextel coating
  • Avoids parallel lines
  • Solid Bamboo Ply
  • Solid aluminium columns
  • SV44mm Natural Aluminium Columns
  • Available heights are:
    • 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm
  • A choice of feet, in either black or aluminium with bronze spikes
  • Available in Black or Orange Nextel