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Quadraspire SV2T Performance Hi-Fi Rack

Quadraspire SV2T Performance Hi-Fi Rack


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Quadraspire SV2T Performance Hi-Fi Rack

or those seeking to enhance their HiFi system's performance, opting for the Quadraspire SV2T HiFi Rack is the key. This choice promises a reduction in resonance, a lower noise floor, and an expanded soundstage, all contributing to an elevated HiFi audio experience. Quadraspire takes pride in its British-made HiFi racks, each meticulously engineered for sound excellence. Every component of the rack is thoughtfully designed to elevate audio performance, ensuring customers enjoy an exceptional HiFi experience.

The shelves of Quadraspire's HiFi racks are crafted from solid bamboo ply, renowned for its strength, vibration-suppressing properties, and environmentally friendly characteristics. This selection guarantees both durability and an eco-conscious footprint, empowering HiFi systems to reach their full potential.

Diverging from conventional tubular designs, Quadraspire utilises solid aluminum columns and feet in their HiFi racks. This choice enables swift energy dissipation, assuring that HiFi systems remain free from interference and vibrations.

Quadraspire deliberately avoids incorporating parallel lines in their HiFi rack designs, emulating the principles used in crafting musical instruments. This design approach is pivotal in the quest to minimise resonance, resulting in a cleaner, more accurate audio output.

Inspired by the materials found in musical instruments, Quadraspire introduces a bronze upgrade that, much like brass and bronze in instruments, broadens the soundstage, delivering a more immersive HiFi experience.

Quadraspire's SV2T Performance HiFi Racks are offered in various dimensions, each with specified weight limits, column lengths, and finishes. Customers can select the ideal height, with options ranging from 100mm, 140mm, 180mm, 216mm, 256mm, to 326mm. Moreover, customers have the freedom to choose from spikes, flat feet, or castors to accommodate their setup requirements. The shelves are crafted from solid bamboo and come in natural or colored finishes, including cherry, black, dark, and natural. 



  • Bronze Upgrade Option
  • Avoids parallel lines
  • Chamfered Edges
  • Solid Bamboo Ply
  • Solid aluminium columns
  • SV32mm Matt Silver or Black Columns
  • Available heights are:
    • 100mm, 140mm, 180mm, 210mm, 256mm, 326mm
  • A choice of spikes, flat feet or castors
  • Available in Cherry, Natural, Dark or Black Bamboo