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Quad Vena 2

Quad Vena 2

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Quad Vena 2

Quads latest integrated amplifier incorporates all new  MM phono stage for turntable support plus new DAC circuitry with up to 32bit audio playback. Bluetooth is also included to improve wireless connectivity, giving this new Quad Vena 2 some important improvement for its outgoing predecessor. 

Quad Vena II Intergrated Amplifier

Digital to Analogue Converter

The Vena II features a significant upgrade to the DAC chip, using a Sabre32 Reference ES9018K2M, benefitting from the chip’s 32-bit Hyperstream architecture and time domain jitter eliminator for ultra-low noise and high dynamic range delivery. The rest of the DAC circuit has been carefully selected, with op-amps that work in synergy with the Sabre chip, allowing as much detail to be extracted from the digital signal. For hi-res playback, the Vena II supports up to 32-bit/384 kHz resolution, as well as DSD 256, to get the best from today’s music formats.

Analogue Stage

The analogue stage of the Vena II has been improved, with Class AB amplification drawing on Quad’s years of design experience. An upgraded power supply with a new 200VA toroidal transformer is followed by a 30000µF reservoir capacity, in order for the amplifier to perform with superb dynamic range, whilst maintaining an excellent hold over the music. The Vena II contains an additional Moving Magnet phono stage, to enable flawless vinyl playback through the amplifier, using low noise JFET circuitry with precise RIAA equalisation, for more flexibility with the Vena II.

Making improvements on the previous Vena, the Vena II includes a dedicated headphone output stage, using current feedback technology. With gain bandwidth and high slew rate, the headphone output delivers a dynamic and engaging performance with a variety of headphone types.

The preamp circuit has been designed to be as straightforward as possible to keep signal purity, passing through a precision analogue volume stage controlled by a motorised potentiometer. The layout of the Vena II’s internal layout is arranged to minimise noise interference helps the amplifier excel sonically at the price point, with a detailed and refined performance.


The Quad Vena II features a variety of connections for seamless integration into your hi-fi system. Inputs include digital coaxial and optical, as well as USB for hi-res file playback, and three RCA analogue inputs, including the MM phono stage for turntables. Bluetooth wireless streaming is available with supported aptX codec to allow you to stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet via your favourite music streaming service.

The Vena II forms a smart, feature packed amplifier, yet remains compact in size. The amplifier sports a classic stylish design in Quad’s Lancaster Grey finish, with three extra premium finishes available of Gloss Black, Gloss White and Sapele Mahogany wrapping the Vena II in lacquered wood.