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    Quad Artera Pre

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    Quad Artera – music in the blood

    Joins the Artera Play+ CD player/DAC/preamp, Artera Stereo power amp and Artera Solus all-in-one system in Quad’s flagship range of solid-stage audio electronics.

    The Artera Pre and Stereo are perfect partners – the latter sports the latest version of Quad’s famous Current Dumping topology to deliver a captivating combination of dynamic power, vice-like grip and sumptuous sonic detail from a compact, cool-running power amp.

    All Artera Series components share the same compact 32x32cm footprint, with a crisp, clean aesthetic that both evokes Quad’s past and looks forward to the future.

    The housing provides a rigid structure that exudes quality and resists interference from external vibrations, with a textured aluminium front panel, thick glass top and CNC-routed heat sinks on either side. The minimalist appeal of Artera components is further enhanced by touch-sensitive controls built into their circular OLED displays.

    A fully-featured remote control is also provided. 



    - In: 3x RCA (AUX1, 2 & 3), XLR, Phono
    - Out: RCA (PRE, RCA (AUX), XLR
    - Headphone Jack: 6.35mm
    - Line/XLR Gain (Max): +8dB
    - Phono Gain: +53.5/73.5dB (MM/MC)
    - Line/XLR Sensitivity: 775mV (Line/XLR)
    - Phono Sensitivity: 4.1mV/410uV (MM/MC)
    - Line/XLR Input Impedance: 10K
    - Phono MM Input Impedance: 47K/100pF
    - Phono MC Input Impedance: 100R/1.7nF
    - Max Out: (<0.1%) 2.3/4.6Vrms (RCA/XLR)
    - RCA/XLR Headroom (<0.1%): 4.1/8.2Vrms
    - Phono Headroom: 62/6.2mV (MM/MC) @1kHz
    - Freq Response: 20Hz-20kHz (±0.2dB)
    - THD: <0.002% (20Hz-20kHz)
    - SNR: >110 (Line/XLR) 80/76dB (Phono)
    - Channel Separation: >100dB (10kHz)
    - Output Impedance: 120/100Ω (RCA/XLR)
    - Standby Consumption: <0.5W
    - AC: 230/115/100V ~ 50-60Hz
    - Dimensions (WDH): 320 x 320 x 105mm
    - Net Weight: 7.8kg