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    Quad Artera Stereo Power

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    Quad Artera Stereo Power Amplifier

    The Quad Artera Stereo Power amplifier produces 140 Watts RMS per channel and uses patented Current Dumping technology to function efficiently under demanding conditions. Use of balanced XLR inputs and strong connections between Artera Stereo's bow and strings work together to provide a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio.

    Quad Artera Play Stereo Power Amplifier stays true to QUAD's performance philosophy, ranging from Input Terminals to Transformers, each driven towards maximizing power, stability, and sound quality. The amazing blend of textured aluminum front panels, CNC routed heatsinks on the sides and a thick glass top are perfectly synchronized to create a rugged but home friendly power amplifier.

  • Ultra-high resolution playback of DSD64/128/256 files
  • ESS9018 8 channel DAC chip
  • 140 Watts RMS per channel
  • Balanced XLR inputs
  • CNC routed heatsinks
  • Textured aluminum front panels

    General Description Power Amplifier
    Rated Output Power 140W 8 ohm (<1% THD,1kHz)
    Total Harmonic Distortion <0.003% (100W, 1kHz)
    0.03% (100W, 20Hz-20kHz)
    Frequency Response -0.5dB (20Hz-20kHz, ref. 1kHz)
    -3dB (20Hz-70kHz, ref. 1kHz)
    Input Sensitivity 980mV(RCA line in)
    Input Impedance 10kohm (Balanced)
    15kohm (Unbalanced)
    Signal to Noise Ration(S/N) 115dB (A weighted, ref. 140W)
    Maximum Power Consumption 750W
    Inputs 2x XLR, RCA
    Outputs Speaker A+B
    Standby Power Consumption <0.5W
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 320x158x338mm
    Weight 15kg