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Meridian DSP5200SE HC/ VC

Meridian DSP5200SE HC/ VC


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Meridian DSP5200SE HC/ VC

Available in Piano black, Gloss white or any bespoke colour of your choice,

With all the features of the freestanding Special Edition DSP5200, the Special Edition DSP5200HC provides full range playback in a horizontal centre channel package. The SE DSP5200HC is ideal for mounting under a large-screen TV, behind an acoustically-transparent projection screen and in partnership with other Meridian free standing or in-wall loudspeakers.

A new Horizontal Centre feature allows the Special Edition DSP5200HC to be placed below the screen while having its sound image move along with the video image on screen, providing an immersive movie experience.

Designed to complement a pair of DSP5200SE loudspeakers, the DSP5200SE HC provides full range playback in a horizontal centre channel package. Sharing technologies found in Meridian’s entire range of Special Edition DSP Loudspeakers, the DSP5200SE HC employs purpose built electronics that are housed within its meticulously crafted cabinet.


  • Outstanding performance. Three powerful wide range 75W amplifiers deliver a maximum output level of 116dB at 1m.
  • Light weight, dual voice coil, Beryllium tweeter for refined high frequency performance (up to 32kHz).
  • Clamp rings ensure that the bass and midrange drivers are isolated from the cabinet, giving the most controlled and detailed sound possible.
  • Centre elevation adjustment technology raises the perceived image location for an incredibly lifelike listening experience.