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Magma Tungsten

Magma Tungsten


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Magma Tungsten

Magma units. Universal Energy transformers.

Six different metals, Tungsten & Ceramic plate construction – 45mm tall with double the amount of Mechanical and Electrmechanical properties. 3D properties to the sound are very obvious with a very low noise floor

Inside Magma Tungsten we use new energy transforming units made of Silver, Stainless steel, Tungsten, Copper, Magnesium, Zink,Steel & Ceramic.
This units transforms the mechanical energies but also and most important the electromagnetic energies.
Since the metals we use in Magma are Dia, Ferro and Paramagnetic mixed together in strict ratios,
there are a magnetic field around the Magmas which gives a very positive influence on electronics.
You will easily notice a different in sound even when just placing the Magmas on top of the electronics
Even if the main use of Magmas is to be placed  under Speakers, CD, Pre Amp´s, Power Amps, Switches, Routers etc, the influence Magmas have on magnetic fields and their TMD effect also gives impact when you place them on top of units.

Regarding the mechanical energies the Magmas works as TMDs. It means you will get different result depending on how many Magmas you use for each unit. Three uses to work well, but also four, or more Magmas can be used for best handle the mechanical energies.

More about TMD here
The base for the Magmas is our unique three-layer wood which absorbs most of the mechanical energies. Inside Magma Slim Tungsten and Magma Tungsten we use a energy transforming unit made of Silver, Stainless steel, Tungsten, Copper, Magnesium, Zink, Steel and Ceramic that transform mechanical energies to heat.
When it comes to the magnetic energies, our mix of the metals/minerals create a magnetic field around each Magma. When use together with electronic gears this magnetic fields gives an impact on the signal flow in the cables, circuit boards, Power supplies etc .


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