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    Linn Exaktbox Sub

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    Linn Exaktbox Sub

    Sometimes you just need more bass, and adding one or more subwoofers is a good way to beef up the bass performance of your system. But until now, adding subwoofers has always meant compromising on the music as they never quite join up with your main speakers.

    With this Exaktbox, specifically designed for use with subwoofers, you can seamlessly integrate any subwoofer with your Exakt system, making the whole system phase linear down to 0 Hz. Now you can add bass without compromising on musical performance.

    Using a dedicated Exaktbox Sub not only means your subwoofer gets its own precision Exakt crossover and completely linear phase response, it also enables separate configuration of your main speakers and your subwoofer, so the location of each speaker and associated differences in time-of-flight to your listening position can be catered for.

    Designed to be hidden away wherever makes the most sense for your set-up, the unassuming exterior belies its performance, housing two channels of Akurate-level Exakt crossover and digital-to-analog conversion. This enables a number of configuration options, from separate left and right channels (using 2 subwoofers) to a mono or stereo connection for a single subwoofer.

    • Digital crossover with 2 channels of DAC
    • 2 Exakt Link connections
    • Supports 2 subwoofers in mono mode
    • Supports 1 subwoofer in stereo mode
    • Compatible with all subwoofers