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KEF Reference 8B Subwoofer

KEF Reference 8B Subwoofer


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KEF Reference 8B Subwoofer

Twin 9 inches driver 'force-canceling' subwoofer

To experience the full impact of dramatic on-screen effects, bass definition and control are critical with this much power.

Delivering exceptional bass precision and control with zero distortion the KEF REFERENCE 8b is a truly extraordinary subwoofer and the only one that matches REFERENCE standards of home theatre.


For power, with accuracy the REFERENCE 8b sub has two 500 Watts Class D amplifiers, each driving a 228mm (9 inches) long-throw, ultra-low distortion driver. These are connected back-to-back in a heavily braced, acoustically inert cabinet. The result is low distortion bass with an effortless body and weight.