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JBL MA7100HP 7.1 8K AV Receiver

JBL MA7100HP 7.1 8K AV Receiver

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JBL MA7100HP 7.1 8K AV Receiver

The JBL MA series AV receivers consist of five models based on a platform of fundamental connectivity with the latest features for video and music, with additional premium features as you move up in the line. All models feature similar technologies to focus on high performance sound including Class D amplification to power all channels, Dolby and DTS decoding and high resolution 192kHz 24-bit DACs. With premium audio quality and a focus on ease-of-use, the MA Series models offer the flexibility of a wide range of input sources and listening modes so you can enjoy your content easily and quickly with the fewest number of steps, all from a product with a unique and modern appearance.

Don’t let poor acoustics destroy a great sound experience. The free EZ Set EQ app provides easy-to-use room equalization for optimized sound quality for all AVR models across the line. The calibration collects room acoustics data for each speaker group in under 2 minutes and can be done by anyone using an iOS or Android mobile device. Taking performance to the next level, the MA7100HP and MA9100HP models additionally come “Dirac Live Ready” for automatic room correction assuring audiophile-quality sonics, allowing integrators and powerusers to use advanced tools to optimize the system to their personal room acoustics.