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Innuos ZENmini S MK3

Innuos ZENmini S MK3


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ZENmini S Mk3

Our gateway server with all the full benefits of innuOS, offering wide connectivity options and an upgrade path through the add-on LPSU for better sound quality. Ideal for simple integration into multi-room systems or for those taking the first step to a dedicated music server and streamer.

Benefitting from a lightning-quick Solid-State Drive (SSD) and 8GB of low-latency RAM for rapid system performance and swift responsiveness, protected by a power-loss protection circuit so that no music library data is lost in the event of sudden power cuts.

SSD options include 1TB, 2TB or 4TB capacities. SSD & RAM upgrades are available for owners of the HDD-based ZENmini Mk3.

⦿ CD Ripper, NAS and Streamer
⦿ Compact design with quiet, fanless operation
⦿ Includes both analogue and digital outputs
⦿ Can be used as Roon Core (Optional)
⦿ Custom audio treated components
⦿ Upgradeable with Linear Power Supply
⦿ SSD with power-loss protection circuit