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Fyne Audio

Fyne Audio F702SP

Fyne Audio F702SP


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Fyne Audio F702SP

The F702SP is a testament to Fyne Audio’s continuous innovation, encapsulating the latest acoustic engineering in a stylish floorstanding speaker. Hand built in the UK, it incorporates a 200mm IsoFlare driver from the F1-8, with a refined HF waveguide for smoother frequency response, housed in the award-winning F702 twin cavity tuned cabinet featuring the BassTrax LF diffuser.

The speaker’s crossover circuitry has been overhauled, optimised through computational modelling and extensive listening tests, and features high grade Claritycap capacitors and Neotech PC-OCC wiring for crystal-clear signal transfer. Gold-plated WBT Nextgen 0703 terminals and a proprietary cryogenic treatment process ensure the integrity of every nuance.

The F702SP stands on a heavyweight aluminium platform with M12 threaded support cones for unmatched stability, delivering articulate, powerful sound perfect for mid to large-sized rooms.