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Entreq Primer Pro Power Bar

Entreq Primer Pro Power Bar


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Entreq Primer Pro Power Bar

The Entreq Primer Pro Power Bar is a step from Entreq`s entry level power distribution main block (Primer Power Bar) which is anything but entry level.

The Primer Pro Power Bar has 4 sockets which are 2 x Furutech 2 way FP-1363 NCF sockets and a Furutech FI-UK mains plug often only found on more expensive products.

The hard wired power cable is 1.65 metre long making for easy placement and uses the Entreq Infinity inspired power cable for enhanced performance.

Built to the same high standard that can be expected from Entreq and wired throughout with Entreq  Primer mains cable.

No filters just could quality products offering great performance.

Our Power distribution systems work in three distinct areas. Distribution, Cleaning, and subsequent Grounding.

Most of the other brands who manufacture Distribution or Power cleaning products concentrate their work on cleaning the phase. This is in an attempt to obtain a nearly perfect 50/60hz waveform. This sounds good in theory and looks good on paper but in our extensive examination of this critical area and in our opinion, the result is still synthetic, unnatural, and compressed. It, therefore, doesn't actually address the complete and fundamental issue which is about making a greater improvement in AUDIO performance and the pleasure of listening to music! A point to consider and think on - what is it that Electronics manufacturers go to such great lengths to build inside every component they make... Yes, a stable power supply for the circuit they have just designed!!

Ultimately the final sonic result from any music system depends entirely on how well you have managed to deal with all the sources of interference found in and around the Power, Power supplies & the associated Grounding of each and every product in your system. It is that power that is converted into soundwaves and therefore, in our opinion, the power and ground is where you should start when you are trying to build a natural sounding system.