Entreq Olympus Infinity T
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    Entreq Olympus Infinity T

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    Entreq Olympus Infinity T

    The Olympus Infinity T is Entreq's highest-performing single-cell ground box, featuring the highest quality mixture of minerals and metals and incorporating tungsten. It features two ground-posts which can be used to ground two low-voltage components- but since it is a single zone of grounding it cannot be used for speaker output grounding.

    A statement for all groundboxes
    Once we had developed the Eartha Infinity cables a new world open up for us. And with the knowledge about how the performance change after we treat the metals with high pressure, we decided to build a box where we have implement the knowledge we get from the Infinity cables.

    A " cost no object" project where we use all our knowledge so far.The result is stunning.Our new top of the range box Olympus Infinity is by far the best ground box we ever made. Sorry to say also the most costly we ever made, but in our opinion Olympus Infinity will give the user full value for the money.

    Together with our Olympus Eartha groundcables you will reach a point in soundreproduction never thought was possible.You will get a detailed , lively soundstage from your system that you never can reach with any other groundbox.