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Entreq Olympus Digital Cables

Entreq Olympus Digital Cables


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Entreq Olympus Digital Cables

There is no way back for you once you try/test an Olympus cable. You will keep it!
Olympus USB for example is the only USB cable I stand listening to myself. All other USB cables have a kind of digital edge in my opinion.   

Olympus USB sounds analog! If you have a good source it´s like using the best XLR cable from an analog source. Organic and Analog, and the Olympus RG 45 working together with Olympus DC Power make every streamer be King of the Internet.

It is the same with all Olympus cables. The triple EEDS and the carefully chosen materials give the cables their own soul and attitude.
No matter which cables I connect to the Assoluta system, after a few weeks I´m back with the Olympus. For me personally, I wonder if I ever will be able to make a better cable line. I don´t think so.

The Olympus AC Power will never allow me to build something better, I can´t imagine how it should be possible and how it should sound like. 

Cables Include

  • RJ45
  • USB