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    Entreq Primer Infinity Digital Cables

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    Entreq Primer Infinity Digital Cables

    Entreq's newest range of products come as a culmination of Entreq's expertise in both signal cabling and grounding. The Entreq Primer Infinity range consists of a signal cable with a ground cable attached and an individual grounding box. This setup offers you a simplistic plug-and-play grounding solution from Entreq, allowing everyone a chance to enjoy the benefits of Entreq in your system. 

    Entreq's primer range is available in the following cables: 

    • Mains Power - UK 3 Pin Plug to IEC 
    • RCA Analogue Audio 
    • XLR Balanced Audio 
    • Speaker Cable - Banana or Spades 
    • USB Type A to Type B 
    • RJ45 Network Cable 
    • RJ11 Network Cable

     Signal cable with EEDS, shotgun and a ground box designed for just this cable line. All in one package, so it is just for you to plug and play.

    All Primer Pro & Primer Infinity cables have been developed to offer Entreqs unique technologies at a hugely competitive price point, incorporating all new techniques to specifically reduce the amount of unwanted noise and interference being transmitted in both the analogue & digital domains. Supplied as a complete package incorporating Entreqs EEDS noise draining system, exclusive wooden connectors and a dedicated Primer Ground Box, you will find a level of performance, musicality and ease unheard of at the price. The USB and RJ45 cables, in particular, typify this approach, with digital music becoming almost analogue in presentation while retaining an open, textured & detailed sound. The improvement, even streaming Spotify via a Primer RJ45, will surprise you! The Primer and Primer Pro ranges offer identical construction, with the Primer Pro versions having enhanced conductors and an EEDS system. The Primer range offers a distillation of Entreqs performance as a complete plug-and-play package giving more affordable access to the musical world of Entreq.

    The signal and speaker cables are built with the shotgun principle. They include ground box and ground cables. The Powercord uses high-quality plugs from Furutech. For you it´s just plug, play and enjoy.