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Acustica Applicata

Acustica Applicata DaaD 2

Acustica Applicata DaaD 2


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Acustica Applicata
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Acustica Applicata DaaD2

DaaD (Diffusion Absorption Acoustic Devices)


DaaD2 TM
Max diameter 22 cm
H. 110 cm
For resonances over 120 Hz
For early lateral and back reflections

Some authoritative people in the audio field flatter us by claiming that DAADs are the best device ever made for home environment acoustics. Why?

To keep up with the high-end sound evolution, we have created a "fast" acoustic trap able to deal with the resonant frequencies, without affecting the non-resonant ones.

The micro-pressed metal sheet with its view surface and the combination of materials for the resistive layer create correct friction to the air going through them. This way, the functioning of the whole acoustic device is not slow regarding the timing of the music transients following one another.

This, besides being extremely elegant from an acoustic point of view, yields significant practical advantages. The micro-pressed metal sheet looks good and is easy to clean. The resistive material is hygienic and firm. The final lobe-like shape, too, is very important for the following reasons:

Its internal volume being equal to a cylinder, a lobe-shaped device "penetrates" the corner more deeply, thus capturing the resonant frequencies more easily.

This shape makes it easier to use different materials at the same time for the resistive layer of the device.

Like the cylinder, unlike a level panel, a lobe-shaped device allows us to have an internal volume of air and a thickness able to create "acoustic shade" . In other words: very good ratio between room employed and outcome.

Like the cylinder, unlike a level panel, a lobe-shaped device can be rotated on itself. Since one of the lobes features a more powerful diffusion effect, this can be used for adjusting the room acoustics according to one's needs or taste.