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Cyrus ONE Cast

Cyrus ONE Cast


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Cyrus ONE Cast

Product Highlights

  • A High-Resolution USB input for direct connection to a laptop capable of handling up to 32/192 digital files and DSD 128.  
  • Optical and coaxial digital inputs.
  • An analogue input that can be configured into fixed gain mode to work with an existing AV system.
  • Moving Magnet phono stage.
  • Class A/B headphone amplifier.
  • HDMI® ARC input, allowing direct connection to a suitable TV, making it an ideal alternative to a soundbar.

The ONE Cast marries true hi-fi sound with the usability of a smart speaker. It can be voice activated by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri and will connect wirelessly to your mobile device.

You will have the ability to stream directly from any of the major music services without the need for a dedicated Cyrus app, just select your favourite track, select the One Cast and play.

This gives you the control you need without a manufacturer app blunting the experience. There’s the ability to use One Cast as part of a multi-room audio set-up plus it still retains the wired connectivity options of the One and One HD.