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Classe Delta PRE MK2

Classe Delta PRE MK2


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Classe Delta PRE MK2

Built on the proven platform of its highly regarded forebear, the Delta PRE Mk II introduces an all-new and extensively upgraded digital front-end, featuring imperceptible levels of distortion and truly world-class performance. Able to receive high-resolution digital audio in a wide variety of formats and from multiple different digital sources – both connected and streamed – the upgrade means the Delta PRE Mk II is now one of the most versatile and capable digitally enabled preamplifiers in its class.

HEOS® Built-in streaming

The most notable addition to the new PRE Mk II is the introduction of HEOS, the highly regarded streaming and multiroom platform also used by Denon and Marantz components. This means the Delta PRE Mk II can stream music from Amazon Music, TIDAL HiFi Plus, Deezer, Pandora and much more. DLNA and Roon Ready support endows the Classé with equal flexibility when streaming from a NAS drive, while even the front panel USB-A and rear panel USB-B sockets can be used to connect local music sources. Naturally the Delta PRE Mk II will handle all popular audiophile-orientated music formats including WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, DSD and even MQA.

Everyday and occasional music listening is also readily supported thanks to the provision of both AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect compatibility. And of course, none of this added functionality compromises in any way on the exceptional range of inputs, both analog and digital, already provided for as part of the Delta PRE Mk II’s design. TV users can even opt for a 4K-compatible HDMI switch option at an additional cost, making reference grade Hi-Fi sound quality the centrepiece of your living room.

Upgrade kit ensures compatibility for existing Classé owners

Owners of older generation Delta PRE units can also benefit from the performance enhancements available

in the new PRE Mk II by upgrading their existing PRE to Mk II specification. The separately available Upgrade Kit (€3000) can be fitted by certified Classé service centres across the world. This commitment to continuous product improvement is just one of the many reasons why Classé is one of the most trusted names in high-end audio.