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Chord Shawline Analogue XLR

Chord Shawline Analogue XLR


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Chord Shawline Analogue XLR

Shawline cable features FEP insulated silver-plated conductors and uses a composite shielding material that works over a wide bandwidth. Shawline Analogue (and all ARAY cables) requires a high degree of precision that can only be achieved with painstaking hand assembly. One of the upsides of hand assembly however, is that it allows us to adapt designs to suit the terminations.

We needed to introduce another conductor for Shawline XLR. That meant three identical conductors for all three connections. The Shawline XLR is produced with a similar conductor configuration to that used for the Signature and the original Sarum Tuned ARAY XLR cables.

There is (and always will be) much debate about whether XLR or RCA is the best cable to use. From our point of view, the only answer if you have both XLR and RCA connectors available on your equipment, is to listen for yourself. ARAY XLR cables can be a game-changer with some equipment, so try both.  You may be surprised.