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Chord Sarum T Super Aray Streaming

Chord Sarum T Super Aray Streaming


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Chord Sarum T Super Aray Streaming

The Sarum T Super ARAY streaming cable replaces the Sarum Tuned ARAY cable.  Super ARAY technology was developed as a result of a better understanding of what Tuned ARAY was doing.  The improvements are profound and in many ways difficult to describe.

It comes down to talking about music rather than hi-fi and Super ARAY cables re-define and show just how much effect cables really have on the ultimate performance of a hi-fi system.

Everyone knows that changing analogue cables can improve the performance of a hi-fi system, and a lot of people realise that changing digital cables can really help to bring a system to a musical completeness.

A lot of the work we’ve done over the past decade has been about reducing electrical interference to a minimum, the reason being that where typically twenty years ago the average house was relatively free of interference sources, it isn’t any more.  High frequency effective shields are important, particularly if you wish to hear music in the way in which you were meant to.