Chord PowerHaus P6
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    Chord PowerHaus P6

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    PowerHAUS P6 mains distribution block

    Designed to reduce noise and improve the performance of hi-fi, home cinema and CI systems, the PowerHAUS P6 draws on our expertise in wiring design, engineering and manufacturing techniques.

    The PowerHAUS P6 follows the flagship PowerHAUS M6 and S6 distribution devices (launched in 2022) and continues the PowerHAUS philosophy of uncompromising design expertise, versatility, high-level build and proprietary ARAY noise-reduction technology.

    The PowerHAUS P6 uses heavy-gauge internal cables and high-quality sockets, both chosen for their sound performance. These are complemented by a 16 amp IEC input socket suitable for even the most demanding systems.

    PowerHAUS technology avoids the use of serial filters, switches and neon power indicators which can generate noise and compromise performance. The solid construction also provides the optimum environment for the sophisticated internal circuitry. We have minimised the interaction between the internal live, neutral and earth cables and tried to maintain, wherever possible, a clean earth supply, based on experience gained developing our proprietary noise-reducing ARAY technology.

    Handmade in England, the PowerHAUS P6 distils a decades-long understanding of signal and power transfer into a highly affordable upgrade for AV systems.

    It is supplied with a standard, straight connector 16A IEC power cable, but can be upgraded with factory options, such as the Clearway Power cable with right-angle connectors.


    Six output sockets (UK or Euro)
    Input socket: 16 amp IEC
    Outlet ratings: 13 amp (UK)/16 amp (EU)
    Rated power and/or current: max 16 A
    Supply voltage: 100-250 V
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions: 520 mm x W 112 mm x H 65 mm (LxWxH)