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    Bowers & Wilkins CWM8.5 D

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    CWM8.5 D is engineered to deliver the best possible sound from a relatively compact speaker. A two-way in-wall model, it features a decoupled Diamond dome 25mm (1 inch) tweeter and a single 180mm (7-inch) bass/mid Continuum driver.

    The most accurate high-frequency drive unit available, the exceptionally stiff and light Diamond diaphragm ensures pure, distortion-free treble. CWM8.5 D also includes a dark Continuum bass/mid driver for pristine midrange and low end sound.

    CWM8.5 D’s back box is fully Matrix™ braced, for extra rigidity and improved performance. The back box also includes bi-wirable cables that are guided to the terminal panel through tubes and connect to the baffle with a multi-pin connector. CWM8.5 D has also been developed to fit into existing back boxes enabling customers who purchased the original CWM8.5 to easily upgrade.

    Model CWM8.5 D
    Description 2-way in-wall loudspeaker
    Technical features Diamond Dome,
    Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter 
    Anti-resonance plug
    Drive units 1x ø25mm (1in) Diamond Dome,
    Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter
    1x ø180mm (7in) Continuum cone bass/midrange driver with anti-resonance plug
    Frequency range (-6dB) 35Hz - 35kHz
    Recommended Amplifier Power 120W
    Sensitivity 89dB
    Nominal Impedance

    Frame height 411mm (16.2in)
    Frame width 247mm (9.7in)
    Cut-out height 395mm (15.5in)
    Cut-out width 231mm (9.1in)
    Protrusion 8mm (0.3in)
    Net weight 3.5kg
    Back Box BB CWM8.5