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Bluesound Pulse Soundbar+

Bluesound Pulse Soundbar+


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Bluesound Pulse Soundbar+

The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is the next generation of Bluesound’s class-leading hi-res
soundbar. Using the Pulse Soundbar 2i as the benchmark, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+
features an upgraded BluOS® audio engine, support for Dolby Atmos, a dedicated Wi-Fi link for surround sound, and easy touch-panel controls.

As the first Bluesound product to be built on our next-gen processor platform, the
PULSE SOUNDBAR+ benefits from 8x more processing power and 4x memory speed,
while natively supporting future-friendly technologies. With its focused amplifier and
acoustic design, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is more than its name implies: it is a HiFi
audio solution that replaces the need for bulky AVRs as the centrepiece of a customer’s movie, music, TV, sports, and gaming system.