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Martins Hi-Fi

Beanie Hats from Martins Hi-Fi

Beanie Hats from Martins Hi-Fi

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Beanie Hats from Martins Hi-Fi

 We have a limited edition of Beanie hats for sale.

Like everything in high fashion, it's not what you wear that is important it is how to wear it. We offer a full fitting service to make sure you walk away looking hot. 

Is the Beanie one of winter's most misunderstood items, after all, we all have heads, some of us have hair and most of us have at least one ear, so what's not to like?

We don't think the beanie will grace Ascot or Great Yarmouth races, but it may make an appearance in the supermarket or gastro pub and when it does you will be the talk of the town, gracing your local free newspaper front page as a style icon, a trendsetter and hopefully not as a wanted criminal.

On every cap, we have put our name and what we do so you don't need to talk to people, but if you do they can see you buy your hifi from some of the most beautiful and trend-aware people in the hifi world.

Make a statement and spend some money on yourself, why not? glass head not included.