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Martins Hi-Fi

Baseball Cap from Martins Hi-Fi

Baseball Cap from Martins Hi-Fi

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Baseball Caps from Martins Hi-Fi

 Let's be honest, not all baseball caps are created equal. These blue caps have been designed and built in one of the most advanced garages in the UK, with style and fashion ignored.

The cap offers a multitude of benefits, in a light shower it will keep you head dry (may not keep your head dry) and in the hot summer sun it does stop your head from burning, especially good for all us baldies!

The cap feels good, is very comfortable and also advertises Martins Hi-Fi without you having to do anything extra. When worn in the shop it will give you no extra discount.

So if you are looking for a blue cap without white around the edge, don't mind being a walking advertising board then press buy now!

If not buy one for your loved one, they won't want it so you get to keep it, that's a win!