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The AVIDHIFI Boron low output Moving coil cartridge utilises the development in the making of our Reference Ruby and retains many important features.

Whilst second in our line of cartridges, it's by no means second rate and is designed to be class leading within its price category.

Boron therefore has the same 5-axis CNC machined cartridge body, allowing vibration to pass into the tonearm rather than feeding back to the cantilever assembly, with a reduction in the commonly heard 'needle-talk'. Despite the significant cost reduction, we have managed to retain the same coils, keeping cantilever dynamic inertia low and using the same magnet assembly.

Employing an outstandingly light and rigid Boron cantilever, we have retained our solid diamond Micro Ridge stylus to ensure good tracking and fine information retrieval, with vanishing low surface noise.

The design of the body allows for accurate, easy installation and the extending cantilever allows for precise alignment for optimal sound reproduction and a purpose designed stylus guard offers protection whilst not in use.

Boron will open a window of sound and set you on a journey to rediscover your vinyl collection.