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Discover the best that your vinyl records have to offer with precise sound, crisp clean clarity and outstanding solidity with every faint nuance you never thought was there, revealed in all its glory.

Cascading features from the Nexus such as the micron tolerance bearings and the adjustable progressive Bias, the Altus will impress with a performance which has focus and immediacy whilst retaining a delicacy that is absolutely captivating.

Our rigid bearing architecture has been passed down from the Nexus to achieve realistic sonic images carved in the soundscape, astonishing your senses with a sound you can virtually touch.

Altus employs an thick walled aluminium arm tube to make sure the cartridge is held securely above the record and aid transmission of vibration away from the cartridge, so your music is unveiled.


  • Painstakingly Hand Built
  • Micron Tight Tolerances
  • Adjustable Progressive Bias
  • Breathtaking Transparancy 

The same Bias compensation mechanism found on the Nexus counteracts centripetal forces, thus avoiding tracking issues, undue record wear and maintaining your musical enjoyment. 

Our purpose designed low capacitance external phono cable reassuringly clicks into place using an superior right angled DIN connector and terminated with high quality gold plated RCA plugs. For purists wishing to embrace the naturally balanced output of a phono cartridge, the cable is also available fully balanced with XLR connectors.