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Avalon PM1.2

Avalon PM1.2


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The Avalon PM1.2

The design goal of the PRECISION MONITOR Line is simple: Transfer as much technology as possible from our award-winning Tesseract design into a series of practically sized reference monitors. Proprietary low noise circuitry and phase-coherent network technologies will dictate each driver’s performance envelope to create an accurate 3-dimensional reproduction of the original recording. Transient speed and dynamics will be paramount, presenting macro and micro-dynamic contrasts to focused images within the breadth and depth of the soundstage.

PRECISION MONITOR 1.2 (PM 1.2) is a high-efficiency floor-standing reference monitor, designed specifically for generating maximum dynamic contrast and effective sound pressure levels from a compact chassis. Ease of drive-ability through a non-reactive impedance load presents low powered tube or solid-state electronics with an ideal interface for generating maximum SPL per watt of power applied.