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Avalon Isis

Avalon Isis


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ISIS is simply one of the most technologically advanced high-energy transducer ever created. Our focused research over a period of four years has produced a range of advancements in each aspect of loudspeaker performance. Proprietary conductors and magnetic technologies, as well as new techniques in cabinet construction, have been combined with the first implementation of full range neodymium driver motors, for the expressed purpose of empirical improvements in all aspects of energy transfer. In each facet of transducer refinement the Isis sets a new benchmark for lack of obscuring distortions of all types. The noise floor is lower, the transient response faster, the storage of stray energy less than ever before. Most importantly, the octave to octave energy balance is equivalent throughout the extended bandwidth envelope, developed without compression of any kind and yet critically damped, thus delivering a dynamic and spatial presentation that is absolutely faithful to the recording.

The result is a large dynamic system that behaves like a small monitor, revealing the most subtle details of space and time combined with the ability to create explosive sound pressure contrasts. By creating and combining our own proprietary technologies, we have produced a rare and exclusive transducer that will set the empirical and musical standard of reference for many years to come.

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