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AVA Cinema Remote

AVA Cinema Remote


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AVA Cinema Remote 

Launched at CEDIA 2023, AVA Cinema Remote is a premium handheld remote control that elevates your home entertainment experience.

Key Features:

  • Stunning Edge-to-Edge Touchscreen: Experience a visually striking edge-to-edge touchscreen for an immersive control interface.
  • Dynamic Keypad with Integration: The Dynamic Keypad, coupled with, provides the best of both worlds – a tactile hard-button remote and a limitless home intelligence experience.
  • Three-Dimensional Glass Ring: Streamline TV navigation with a three-dimensional glass ring, guiding your thumb effortlessly for a seamless control experience.

Innovative Navigation:

  • Adaptive DPAD-like Interface: Replace cluttered buttons with a DPAD-like interface that adapts labels, colors, and functions based on the current media source.
  • Eliminate Confusion: Say goodbye to irrelevant buttons – the Dynamic Keypad ensures you always have the right buttons at your fingertips.

Enhanced Remote App:

  • Fresh User Interface: The AVA Remote App receives a significant makeover with a fresh user interface.
  • Dynamic Keypad Adjustments: Enjoy dynamic keypad adjustments when switching between streaming platforms, cable boxes, and other devices.
  • Complement Your Experience: For customers desiring a dedicated hard-button remote, the AVA Cinema Remote is the perfect solution.

Seamless Integration:

  • Google-Certified Android Device: As a Google-certified Android device, 
  • Powerful Home Control: Experience one of the most robust handheld Android-based devices.

About AVA, Inc.:

  • Swiss-American Excellence: AVA is a Swiss-American startup crafting home products designed to inspire enjoyment, improve quality of life, and seamlessly integrate into any living space.
  • Premium Residential Solutions: AVA products are dedicated to providing a premium experience supported by the professional residential installation channel.
  • Explore the AVA Experience: Visit for more information about the AVA experience.

Elevate your home entertainment with AVA Cinema Remote – Where Innovation Meets Excellence.