Collection: Vimberg

Vimberg Speakers

Vimberg Audio range of speakers includes the stunning Vimberg Amea a remastered classic take on the bookshelf speaker and the floor standing Vimberg Mino and Vimberg Tonda.

TIDAL Audio GmbH was founded over two decades, ago. and became worldwide famous for making maybe the finest audio systems under this sky.

Tidal created Vimberg Audio, an approach that sees a no-compromise mindset, allowing more and more people to upgrade their hifi systems, and incorporate some of the TIDAL technology into their own setup.

Clients for real high-end hifi products deserve proven consistency of quality, a real heritage from which the DNA of their speaker is built, and an engaging relatable story of “behind the curtain”. VIMBERG is not some start-up, it is designed and made by the same people making the TIDAL ultra-high-end masterpieces. The same people with the same engineering skills, the same “we care” attitude, all these products are designed and built under the same roof.

The Vimberg Audio range of speakers is available at Martins HiFi. To audition your next pair of speakers please contact them via the chat button or email