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Two decades ago we founded the TIDAL Audio GmbH and became worldwide famous for making maybe the finest audio systems under this sky – being said in countless references from the audio press worldwide: TIDAL.

We do know TIDAL is and always will be for most music lovers financially inaccessible, given the second to none uncompromised approach behind it. But with proven consistent excellence we now go the next step. And make things more possible for a wider audience without compromising the ideals we believe into: VIMBERG™.

Clients for real high end products want and need proven consistency of quality, a real heritage DNA and a waterproof story of “behind the curtain”. VIMBERG™ is not some start-up, but being designed and made from the same people making the TIDAL ultra highend masterpieces. And by that we mean: the same people with the same engineering skills, the same “we care” attitude and all is being designed and built under the same roof.

Vimberg (3)

Vimberg Mino


Vimberg Tonda


Vimberg Amea