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T+A P3100 HV

T+A P3100 HV


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T+A P3100 HV

Following on from the huge success of the T+A HV series and P3000HV Pre-amplifier - the P3100HV builds upon this with state of the art T+A engineering and technology currently available today.

Incorporating a new highly sophisticated and complex main board with pure DC coupling ( no coupling capacitors in the signal path ), plus improved digital and analogue power supplies, this is set to be a truly world class product!

Preamplifiers are the most important components of any High-End system. Source devices connected deliver low-level signals to the preamplifier’s input section, and the unit’s task is to switch and amplify these signals, regulate their volume, process them where necessary and deliver them to the output sockets, ready for the power amplifiers.

All this has to be accomplished without altering or falsifying the signals’ content. We have invested a vast amount of effort in designing preamplifiers which meet these requirements in full. The devices are of discrete, fully symmetrical construction, while every single component is the very finest available. The circuitry is housed in cases of uncompromising construction. The design and concept of the P 3100 HV is based on the P 3000 HV. Outwardly, the difference is only the type number. In terms of circuitry, however, the entire preamplifier section, and thus the most important part, has been further improved. So far, the input and output stages of the P 3000 HV have been coupled to the relay volume control with high-quality capacitors.

In the P 3100 HV a new, very complex circuit board layout compensates for the temperature coefficients of the transistors and the operating points can be set exactly, which means that the preamplifier stages have a pure DC coupling. There are no longer coupling capacitors in the signal path between the input stage, volume control and output stage. The preamplifier board is absolutely voltage and temperature stable.
In addition, we have equipped the digital power supply with more power and shielded it even better. The already oversized toroidal transformer of the analog part was enlarged to 115 VA. The sum of these measures leads to a significant improvement in sound quality.