Rti Smart Home and Home Cinema at Martins Hi-Fi

                From home theater to home automation, RTI empowers your home with intuitive control when you want it and seamless automation when you don’t want to worry about it.

                Your RTI system adapts to your needs, personalized for you by your certified RTI Smart Home Technologist. Explore what’s possible with an RTI Smart Home.

                What if you could always come home to a well-lighted house knowing that you and your loved ones were safe?  What if you knew for certain your package was delivered and secured?  With RTI you’ll always have this peace of mind of knowing that you, your loved ones, and your valuables are protected.

                What if you could enjoy the ultimate home theater experience, always perfect for your favorite film? What if you could control your projector and screen, lighting, movie source all with the tap of a button?  RTI gives you legendary control of your home theater, game room or entertainment room with a range of remote controls that are designed specifically for your needs.

                Rti Remote Controls (5)

                Rti RP-4 RF Control Processor

                Rti RP-4 RF Control Processor

                Rti T2i

                Rti T2X

                Rti T4x

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