Leema Acoustics is an internationally respected manufacturer of high-performance audio
                products founded by two ex-BBC sound engineers, both of whom have a long history in pro and domestic audio. Founder Lee Taylor (the ‘Lee’ in Leema) leads all of the company’s design work, with everything proudly hand-made in Wales using UK- and European-sourced components.

                Founded in 1998, Leema Acoustics’ unique design processes, fanatical attention to detail
                and pursuit of accurate sound reproduction have seen the company win numerous press
                accolades in recent times. Today’s Leema Acoustics incorporates the latest technology into a product range that covers electronics, loudspeakers and cables, delivering complete high-performance audio solutions to consumers, with the benefits of expert design, UK hand-assembly and local component sourcing.

                The BAFTA and Palme d’Or award-winning Lee Taylor has countless years’ experience in
                recording and mixing for the film, television and music industries and continues to innovate in audio using his unrivalled experience to produce some of the world’s finest hi-fi equipment.

                Leema Acoustics (20)

                Leema Acoustics Essentials Phonostage


                Leema Acoustics Quasar


                Leema Acoustics Stream IV


                Leema Acoustics Elements Streamer


                Leema Acoustics Elements Ultra PhonoStage


                Leema Acoustics Elements Pre-Amplifier


                Leema Acoustics Elements Power Amplifier


                Leema Acoustics DAC / Pre-Amplifier


                Leema Acoustic Elements CD Player

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