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                Welcome to Koetsu - On Demonstration and available to buy at Martins….

                There are many words to I could use to sum up Koetsu – I like Sublime. Steeped in history, Koetsu produce an array of individual cartridges aimed firmly at enthusiasts who want to be taken on a musical journey.

                Koetsu Classic Series - £2095.00 to £5998.00

                Black Goldline – The Black Goldline is a classic cartridge which exudes quality and charm.

                Koetsu Rosewood – Using the hardwood body adds further character – Available in Signature and Signature Platinum. Signature Rosewood is very special.

                Koetsu Urushi Series - £4998.00

                Urushi – Take a Rosewood Cartridge body and apply Urushi, a hard natural lacquer. This traditional process of lacquering hardens the body, which enhances performance. Beautifully decorated by highly experienced Artisans in an array of colours – You choose.

                Koetsu Platinum Series - £5998.00 to £12,383.00

                Featuring a Machined Stone Body, the platinum series is like a beautiful jewel. Choose from Onyx, Jade, Bloodstone, Jade, Coral and Azule to name a few. Using rare Platinum magnets and Silver plated copper, these beautifully crafted individual cartridges offer no compromise. Add an optional Diamond cantilever for the ultimate performance.

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                Koetsu (4)

                Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue


                Koetsu Red K Signature


                Koetsu Red T


                Koetsu Black Goldline

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