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                dCS Bartok, APEX Vivaldi & APEX Rossini 

                dCS at Martins Hi-Fi. dCS products are high-end, a combination of world-class craftsmanship and leading-edge technology. Those who invest in dCS have the chance to experience that unique, spine-tingling moment when the world stops and there is… only the music.

                dCS has been redefining the boundaries of digital audio for over three decades, pioneering high-resolution recording and playback technologies at the same time as developing a succession of ground-breaking products for music lovers and world-renowned studios.

                To remain at the forefront of audio innovation for such a sustained period of time requires fearless engineering, a commitment to excellence, and a deep-rooted passion for our craft, along with world-class talent in software, electronics engineering, and mechanical design. 

                Performance-led innovation is the foundation of our design philosophy. Using our deep expertise and insight, we craft music systems that provide the most revealing and emotionally communicative music playback experience available.

                dCS's obsessive quest to advance the standard of digital audio never ends, and our desire to continuously improve our products and technologies means our customers are on a musical journey with us.

                With each system they create, they continue to reimagine what’s possible in music playback - developing world-leading innovations that defy the limits of audio engineering and bring people closer to the sounds and artists you love.

                dCS only the music, at Martins Hi-Fi we stock the Vivaldi, Rossini ranges, for more information, to discuss your needs or to arrange your private demonstration, please contact us on


                dCS Audio (11)

                dCS Rossini Apex Player


                dCS Rossini Apex DAC


                dCS Vivaldi Apex DAC


                dCS Bartok DAC / UPNP Renderer


                dCS Rossini CD/SACD Transport


                dCS Rossini Master Clock


                dCS Vivaldi Upsampler


                dCS Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport MK2


                dCS Vivaldi Master Clock

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