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    Spectral Scala


    Furniture with the wow factor. Freedom is a wonderful thing – especially within your own four walls. Which is what Scala gives you: lowboards in four widths, and a huge variety of versions, for almost infinite combinations and configurations. And that’s not all. Scala elements can be teamed with units from the new Spectral Wall collection. Scala. Easy to install. Easy on the eye.

    The essentials.

    • Huge choice of design features and almost infinite combinations
    • Seamless full-width aluminium grip rail
    • Scratch-resistant glass surfaces in more than 2,000 colours
    • Concealed sound systems
    • Smart Charge feature
    • Smart Light LEDs
    • Pivoting TV mount

    Sounds more than just good. Love music? Love home cinema? Scala will allow you to indulge both passions to the full. For example, with a choice of three powerful Spectral sound systems. Hidden away behind a fabriccovered front, they deliver an impressive audio experience. Or install your own favourite soundbar. Or, if you prefer more storage space, don’t install one at all. With Scala, you get to choose

    Hey, you have to hear this! Did you know that Spectral’s heritage is in speaker technology? So you’d be right to expect something special from the three Spectral sound systems available for Scala. Rich bass, crystal-clear high notes, an all-encompassing surround sound, sumptuous stereo. There is an audio solution for everyone – and whatever your choice, it will be heard but not seen.

    Suitable for Sonos & Co. You’d prefer a soundbar from your favourite brand? No problem. The universal soundbar adapter features a metal shelf that is ideal for a huge variety of systems. And there is still space behind the fabric front for other pieces of kit. The larger models can also accommodate subwoofers.