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T+A A 200

T+A A 200


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T+A A 200 Power Amplifier

In designing the A 200 output stage it was our goal to combine maximum amplifier power with audiophile sound characteristics. On the one hand this means 250 Watts of continuous power per channel, and on the other hand this substantial power does not result in a reduction in terms of subtle detail, resolution and fine dynamics. Its heatsinks are both a technical necessity and a design statement: they show off every Watt of power in impressive style as well as ensuring efficient heat dispersion – even under maximum load. The A 200 output stage was developed with the aim of functioning either as a potent complement to an existing system, or as the high-performance end of a perfectly matched chain of specialised audiophile devices in combination with the Series 200.

Compact in stature yet mighty in power - huge real world speaker grip allied to audiophile sound quality;
  • Circuit topology based on the HV Range including PURIFI Eigentakt™ technology.
  • Extremely low distortion factor and intermodulation distortion at all power levels.
  • Extraordinarily low noise.
  • High damping factor.
  • Completely loudspeaker-load independent characteristics.
  • 125 watt rated into 8 ohms.
  • 250 watt rated into 4 ohms.
  • Two sets of speaker terminal with easy switching from the front panel.
  • Lower damping factor available via the front panel to match certain speakers / preferences.
We only believe in power when we can use it in practice with efficiency and precision. In our search to achieve the optimum blend of sound quality, power and efficiency, we have developed a completely new circuit topology which combines T+A’s unique HV and High-Frequency sine-wave mains power supply technology with that of the PURIFI Eigentakt™ output stages. By this means we have succeeded in converting raw power into unsurpassed audiophile performance. All circuits and circuit boards are designed and executed by our own development team, and the PURIFI modules implemented within them. The damping factor of the A 200 can be reduced if a warmer or softer sound image is desired in combination with particular loudspeakers.