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Linn Klimax Solo 800

Linn Klimax Solo 800


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Klimax Solo 800

Two Wrongs Can Never Make a Right. Assembling a high-end, hi-fi separates system is a subjective task beset with compromise. Speakers and electronics are switched out until a middle ground is found. Pairing an amplifier with an imperfect output, to a speaker with an imperfect response, results in two different approximations of accuracy which, when combined, kind of work together. Two wrongs, however, can never make a right…

With Klimax Solo 800, we have created a high-performance amplifier that avoids trial-and-error entirely; which can drive any given speaker optimally – under any conditions.

Klimax Solo 800 is the epitome of efficient, consistent, and accurate circuitry design. Our unique combination of digital and analog expertise has allowed us to optimise and linearise every internal stage of the amplifier to consistently produce exceedingly high performance.

Adaptive Bias Control

Klimax Solo 800 features our original Adaptive Bias Control technology. With it, we establish the ideal bias current for each of the amp’s sixteen output transistors dynamically and in real-time by measuring, sampling, and digitizing the current supplied to them.

A digital control loop then implements and persistently adjusts this optimum bias current for each individual transistor specifically; negating crossover distortion at any temperature – regardless of volume or demanding dynamic changes in music – for the entirety of the amp’s life.

Cool Runnings

Klimax Solo 800 features superb heat management; driving the most difficult of loads without compromising linearity or resorting to an internal fan.

Excellent heat coupling is achieved by mounting the amplifier and power supply circuitry directly to the critically efficient, large surface area heatsinks. This cool-running design is key to delivering exceptional clarity right up to 800W into 4Ω, and 1.2kW into 2Ω.

Temperature is minimised within the amp, ensuring that the properties of its internal components remain consistent during even the loudest and most demanding passages of music. It maintains consistency, efficiency and longevity at all times.

Klimax Solo 800

Superior-performance mono amplifier that outperforms larger rivals

With Klimax Solo 800, we have created a superior-performance mono amplifier that can drive any given speaker optimally – under any conditions.

To achieve this, our electronic engineers returned to first principles with their crosshairs trained on ‘consistency’ and ‘accuracy’ – because consistency and accuracy are key to pure, unadulterated, power amp performance.

It features novel and original technologies which combine to produce staggeringly low distortion measurements, with superb signal-to-noise ratio and incredible efficiency.

In a normal setup, one hears the accumulation of interactions between speaker and amp – a combination of non-ideal characteristics which result in artefacts heard in the music. Our focus on relentless minimisation of distortion within the amp, and unilaterally consistent output means that Klimax Solo 800 introduces negligible harmonics or background noise to the music signal.

Two wrongs can never make a right. Klimax Solo 800, though, can do no wrong. It just – consistently – does everything right.